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The rise and fall of every enterprise is hinged on the people that represent the brand, as they are a reflection of the brand. For about a decade, Esther Nweje has helped corporate brands make great brand ambassadors of their team. This has directly affected the bottom line.

-Personnel Branding

-Staff Recruitment, Onboarding, and Re-orientation

-Corporate Culture Program

-Workplace Etiquette

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Fashion Entrepreneur and Stylist.

Esther hosts Niger Delta’s biggest fashion platform- HisAndHersFashionWeekend, giving maximum brand’s visibility to fashion and lifestyle brands through her events, fashion magazine, television series, broadcasts and social media engagements. She is an ingenious stylist. Consult Esther...

Etiquette Coach

The finest sessions on etiquette, addressing one of the modern day dilemma- manners!
The approach is fresh, the truths are timeless, executed in an environment of mentorship where there’s liberty and true learning occurs. Esther Nweje has debunked etiquette and made it lifestyle.

Image Consultant and Media Personality

People Buy Perception!
The corporate image of every brand directly influences their market share. The personal image of an individual determines to a great extent how they are received/treated, and could also as much as affect their career growth.

Personal Brand Expert

Building exceptional personal brands is at the core of her passion and expertise. Esther has worked with quite a number of persons and the success stories are astonishing.


“Esther is indeed a professional, her enriching content, delivered with aptness and warmth is inspiring”


“An embodiment of the truths she teaches, a true example to emulate”


“Zinny has vast experience in the Image Consulting field; an impressive profile of industries she has worked with. She is indeed an asset.”


Consult Esther Nweje to build yours.